Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

Anas Reveals, Urges AG’s Support Over Kwesi Nyantakyi,4 Others: ”We have submitted all Audiovisual and Paper evidence in our custody to the office of the AG.”

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Call for the prosecution of Mr Nyantakyi and 4 officials of National Sports Authority-NSA
Je Suis Anas is an online platform for engaging citizens on anti-corruption issues.
It’s a partnership between Tiger Eye Foundation and Klarity, a Swedish tech company.

On Monday, 25 March 2019, the platform sent out a request for citizens to sign a petition to demand for the prosecution of former Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi over allegations of money laundering, corruption and fraud in connection with the Number12 investigations.
There are other petitions including prosecution of 4 officials of the National Sports Authority including the sacked boss Robert Safo Mensah for engaging in bribery and corruption.

Following these activities, Tiger Eye PI has become aware of an interview the BBC granted our esteemed Attorney General Ms Gloria Akuffo in which she has been quoted as saying Tiger Eye is yet to provide all relevant documentation to assist the prosecution.

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As far as Tiger Eye is concerned, AG has all the necessary evidence both video and other documentary evidence such as email correspondence and paper documentation. Tiger Eye PI has assisted right from police investigations until a docket was eventually furnished the AG after much public pressure.

To the best of our knowledge, what remains outstanding in respect of Mr Nyantakyi case is a witness statement from our investigators.
Our colleague, Ahmed Hussein-Suale was cooperating with the AG in drafting one but he was assassinated within the same period.

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Now another member of the team has to step in and continue with the witness statement.
On the 4 NSA officials, it remains up to now at investigation stage at the BNI. we have no idea about the status of this case beyond writing witness statement and supply all necessary evidential materials to the BNI.

Tiger Eye PI has enjoyed and continues to receive the support of the AG in prosecuting persons found to have engaged in conduct that amounts to crimes under the laws of Ghana.

The relationship has resulted in a number of prosecutions and convictions based on our solid system of evidence gathering.
We wish to state that Tiger Eye Pi has not delayed in providing all the necessary documentary proof for prosecution. We have submitted all audiovisual and paper evidence in our custody to the office of the AG.


The AG has always worked with documentary evidence supplied by Tiger Eye and has secured convictions. They always make sure they have all the necessary ingredients both audiovisual and paper works.

The bigger picture of Je Suis Anas is to ensure that justice is not delayed. It does not mean we have lost trust or confidence in the AG and her office to prosecute these cases.
The fact that a petition has been sent out does not mean nothing has happened. Our point is simple, we can be faster than we are.

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