Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

Breaking: Ghanaian Parliament Descends Hashly On Youth Who Speak Against Wasteful Spending, Proposed New Chamber; Enersto Yeboah, Others Arrested in Parliament Abusively

As a peaceful fight on speaking against the newly wasteful Ghanaian Parliamentary Chamber yet to be established, parliament arrested Enersto Yeboah and colleagues who speak against “DropThatChamber”.

In Ghanaian parliament where laws and regulations and other matters important to the country are discussed. It is therefore unnecessary to some elected parliamentarians to go to the chamber to even seek development for it constituency.

The Ghanaian parliament with 275 seating capacity, yet can accommodate more than such stated numbers is being regarded today as old and small chamber in the world by the Ghanaian ministers and parliamentarians.

It is of no sense to the Ghanaian youths for parliament embarking on such unnecessary and wasteful spending chamber.

Though some of the Ghanaian youths are embarking on peaceful demonstration against the costly newly yet to be established parliament in Ghana. Similary the Ghanaian parliament is also ready, fighting against the youths and anyone who speak against the chamber’s establishment.

watch the video below on how Enersto Yeboah was arrested on speaking against the Chamber’s establishment

A model of newly Ghanaian Parliament.
A scale model of newly Ghanaian Parliament.

Enersto Yeboah arrested speaking on #DropThatChamber

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