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Breman Nwomaso Celebrates Okyir Festival (1633; Historic Event)

The natives of Nwomaso originated from (“Atwiabanho”); it is believed that there was a hanging wire mesh in the air and the natives came out of it during the accient days of 1633.

The Okyir festival is a major festival celebrated by the people of Nwomaso. This festival is certainly celebrated as a reminder of the society’s social vices.

It is believed that a great war broke out to between the Ashanti ‘s and their people including the white soldiers. Nwomaso though in those years, were few but they were having a huge territories of 77 streets in the central region of Ghana.

It became so sad to the rulers and the natives of Nwomaso after being weakened by it enemies in the battlefield.

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It is believed that Nwomaso is the first community settled by its founders in the early 1633, before Breman Asikuma and it environs communities came. Before this, Nwomaso was owing part of Breman Asikuma and other big lands in the Central region.

To this effect, the Okyir festival was established as a major festival by the Nwomaso citizenry as a sign of cleansing, purification of the community filth , evil spirit and other bad things which might have prevented the community from being developed.

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Before the Festival

  • A yam festival is celebrated thereby offering food to the 77 gods of the community.
  • A vigil keeping is observed
  • Preparation and distribution of food among friends and love ones.
  • A colourful durbar of chiefs and spiritual event.
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After the Festival

  • A beach programme

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The Okyir festival is celebrated on the (3rd Wukude3 ) of every year. During the week celebration, the festival quench all noise in the community, hence nobody make noise ,not even a child cry. There’s no funeral ceremony, the church drums, instrument and stuff are band.

This year festival was marked on Wednesday, 3rd April,2019.

Indeed, this is an interesting festival with an exclusive spiritual display and other eye catching notes ever to be with.


The New Nwomaso

Nwomaso was under the Ajumako Enyan Esiam district but currently , it is one of the respected and responsible community found under Breman Asikuma in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa district , central region of Ghana.

The current leaders of Nwomaso include (King)Nana Odamfo Akyen IV, Obaahema Nana Yeboah III , Nana Obodai , Mr. Alvin Andoh (Assembly member) and others.

Nana Odamfo Akyen IV
Obahemaa Nana Yeboah III

The assembly member , Mr Alvin Andoh has expresses much dedicated and competency as part of his core duty as a leader , collaborating with the elders towards the community’s development, security , education and the likes.

Mr. Alvin Andoh
Mr. Alvin Andoh

By: Asare Kingsley

Source: kethmediaonline

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