Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Do you know that Uganda have a smallest Church in the World ?

Faith tourism blossoms in Uganda

The serene grounds at the tiniest Church in the world. (Photo by Titus Kakembo) Located on Biku Hill, just 18 km away from Nebbi town is the smallest Church in the world. The Church can only seat a congregation of three people at ago.
“It measures a width of 2.5 meters,” revealed an attendant Sylvester Ocopi. “If it were not for the congregation here praying hard for our neighboring countries, the wars there would still be raging.”
Adding that since its construction in 1996, the Prayer Palace as it is popularly known is a legacy left behind by Arch Bishop Luke Orumbi and his Korean friend Pastor Song.

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There is always an exodus of Christians destined for meditation and prayer.
“Here unlike prosperity preachers, the Christians treasure the humility and silence when worshiping God. They do not use public address systems for their prayers to reach the creator.” said Ocopi.

Talking to the CEO of Semagulu museum, John Sempebwa was a revelation of how faith tourism is being beefed up every other day.
“We had the track of the martyrs retraced from Busega, Munyonyo through Natete and Kisenyi,” said Sempebwa. “This is just a chip off the pot as the adage goes. Because there is the place where Bishop Hanington was killed in Mayuge.”

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A Christian deep in prayer in the tiniest Church in the world. (Photo by Titus Kakembo)
For this year’s Martyr’s Day Sempebwa wishes pilgrims tone down on imbibing intoxicating beer, munching pork and making merry but rather renew their faith.
“It is a shame to the nation Uganda for pilgrims from all corners of the world coming here,” stressed Sempebwa. “To their hosts guzzling beer and wolfing meat instead of enriching their spiritual wealth.”
True to Sempebwa’s claim that faith tourism is shooting up, a look at the menu of options is evidence of the variety. There are the Ugandan Jews in Mbale, The Hindu Temple in Nakasero, Bahai Temple and The Qadaffi Mosque in Old Kampala.

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