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Ghana’s Democracy Is at Stake, hence the power of the 1992 constitution is undermine by political affiliates

It has become too obvious that some political parties including the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been disrespecting the electorates and the national security.

My attention has been drawn to the media reports on several incident with regard to some electoral chaos in the country over the years.Just recently on Thursday 31 January,2019. the alleged voilence and shooting incidence which occurred at Ayawaso West Wougon.

This incident has been condemned by most authorities from different background as an unprofessional act.

I strongly condemn such unconstitutional impunity act of violence which undermines the democracy and the constitutional power of the 1992 constitution with regard to elections and security in Ghana.

To the various unconstitutional security agencies established by the NDC and NPP as part of elections and national assignment must be called to an end.The security of the state is being unstable and unprofessional discharging of duties.

Why?How did we get here as a country?

But in no uncertain terms must we as the electorates approve the existence of these footsoldiers who have become a treat to the Ghana’s Democracy and the Rule of Law.

Article 85 of the 1992 constitution stated,”No agency, establishment or other organization concerned with national security shall be established except as provided for under this constitution”.


This act is used to emphasize the fact that the 1992 constitution does not make it possible for any political to establish or create another ”police service” asigned by the constitution.

The act 200 of the 1992 constitution,clause 1 and 3.The clause 2 emphatically disowned the existence of the political party’s unofficial ”police service”,hence,criminal body and a burden to the state of democratic governance.

How did we get here as a country with self governance free from colonial rule?

It is learnt that the NPP and NDC holds no respect for we the electorates with regards to the 1992 constitution thereby creating these unconstitutional security agencies to act upon their interest.

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) are off late receive low support at the dispense of the day to day activities.

How come the constitutional body left untapped and yet political parties employ the youth and pay them unconstitutionally.

The NCCE is the constitutional dated on civic educational body established by the 1992 constitution.It has become too dimming of hearing the exercise of the NCCE to the battle for national developement goals,hence the needed support for it activities keep debated and unconcern.

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Likewise to these challenges,the body may have to depend on the little from it individual pockets to sanitized it actions.

Where are we going as a country?

Is it because the body is not enriched in partisan democracy?

The NCCE to have solve 70% our national issues, thereof establishing,promoting and enhancing peace,order and or sanity in the electoral procedings.

Regardless of the social insecurity, I urge the government to attend to the aid of the independent body like NCCE to provide the necessary claims which teams up promoting peace and sanity with respect to our democracy,rule of law and the fundamental human rights.

The act 15 clause (1) and (2) sub-section a and b, it has been of notice that both the NPP and the NDC have disregard for the electorates except elections of their interest.

The act 41 of the 1992 add up to the views.

Ghana has approached a time where democratic governance must install the trust and confidence and respect the electorates.

I am urging the government to exercise a selfless rule to the interest of the populace but not a certain party.

The constitution should be amend to reduce most powers exercise by the president.

COP Nathan Kofi Boakye and Dr.Benjamin of the transformation of the police administration have been the competent leaders enforcing the administration to be changed for positive result.

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I think it’s time we review and amend the recruitment and leadership of the police service with respect to integrity and professionalism without political affiliates.

Today,the independent public administration is full of political hierarchy including the police service,hence there is no stability of professionalism at the cost of it duties.

I may not predict the future of our elections and democracy, but I hereby urged the president to disowned and eliminate with immediate effect all political thugs in the country of which dose not respond to the constitution.

The fear and panic by most Ghanaians have been already established following the voices from the by election held recently.

To this effect the government must empower by providing the necessary support to the NCCE and he as the president join in hand to detune the tones of music of violence sung in the electorates.

My rights as a legal individual to vote must not be disenfranchised by political thugs.I am not to be protected by unofficial security armed men.






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