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IN THE AKAN SOCIETY; AKAN (TWI) KASA SUÁ( The Fundamentals of The Akan (Twi) Language).


Ghana is one of the most influencial country in the West African continent. Ghana had it Independence from it colonial master [the British government]. Ghana under the colonial administration was attack by it languages.

Though ,Ghana has adopted the British language which is the “English” as widely use in all the educational and other occasions but it main languages need to be considered for highly occasions.

Ghana has different languages such as Ga,Akan (Twi),Fante and others. All the languages in Ghana, the Akan language is one of the highly influencial language in Ghanaian provinces.

There are keen similarities of the Akan and the English alphabets, hence both two languages use the latin script. Noting to this, the English language consist of tweenty six alphabets ,that’s [a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z], amongst which the Akan Twi alphabet contains only tweenty letters from the tweenty six English alphabets with other two exceptional letters mounted to tweenty-two Akan Twi alphabets which are [a b d e ɛ f g h i k l m n o ɔ p r s t u w y]. Ɛ and Ɔ are the only exceptional letters, added to the (20) tweenty Akan Twi alphabets which are found in the (26) tweenty-six English alphabets ,summing up to (22)tweentytwo Akan Twi alphabets. These letters [ j q v x and z] are not found in the Akan Twi alphabets.

AKAN (TWI) ALPHABETS (Written in Capital and small letters);

Aa Bb Dd Ee Ɛɛ Ff Gg Hh Ii Kk Ll

Mm Nn Oo Ɔɔ Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Ww Yy.

Group Of Akan (Twi) Alphabets
The Akan Twi letters are sectioned in two namely Anom Nnyegyeɛ [Consonants] and Ɛnne Nnyegyeɛ [Vowels], likewise the English alphabets grouped in two such as the consonants and the vowels.

The Anom Nnyegyeɛ referred to us the Consonants consist of 15 letters and the Ɛnne Nnyegyeɛ kown as the Vowels contain only 7 letters.



ANOM NNYEGYEƐ have 15 letters which are outlined below; [b d f g h k l m n p r s t w y]
Examples include the following;

Sɛ ebia;

b‘; bayie (witch or wizard), bra (come).

d‘; da (sleep), di (eat).

f‘; fa (take), fitaa (white) , famgoo (oil)

g‘; gu (sow), gugu so (water it), go mu (loosen)

h‘; hwɛ (look), hwe (beat), hunu (know)

k‘; ketewa (small), kuro (City), kuruwa (Cup)

l‘; lɔre (lorry)

m‘; mena (my mother), me (me or I)

n‘; nsuo (water), ne (and) nante (walk)

p‘; pii (many or more), pra (sweep)

r‘; reyɛ (doing), redi (eating)

s‘; su (cry), sere (laugh), suá (learn or study)

t‘; twerɛ (write), twe (pool), twa (cut)

w‘; we (chew), wo (you), wɔn (them or they)

y‘; yɛ (do), yɛn (we) , yareɛ (sickness).

ƐNNE NNYEGYEƐ [VOWELS] has (7) seven letters. These are [a e ɛ i o ɔ u]
Examples are outlined below;

Sɛ ebia;

‘a’ ; adeɛ (something), akonnwa (chair), akoma (heart)

‘e; efie (home), ekuo (association)

‘ɛ’; ɛdɔm (many people), ɛka (debt), ɛkɔm (hunger)

‘i’; intanɛte (internet), di (eat), ti (head)

o‘; opuro (squirrel), obi (someone or somebody)

ɔ‘; ɔman (country), ɔwɔ (snake)

u‘; sukuu (school), kukuo (pot), susu (savings)

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This lesson is written by Asare Kingsley.

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