Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

KETH WRITES APPEAL TO HIS EXCELLENCY Justin Trudeau(Canada), HER EXCELLENCY THERESA MAY(UK) To Assist in Rescuing Takoradi Kidnapped Girls

Dear His/Her Excellency,

Ghanaians are concerned to learn of the recent kidnapping in Ghana whereas the leaders are joking,debating and politicising on the issue.

These kidnapping issues in Ghana have led to the kidnapped of the three Takoradi young females whose whereabouts are not known for almost a year.

His Excellency Justin Trudeau , Her Excellency Theresa May, please the Ghana police service investigating the issue have thereof provided that they know “where the girls are”; this became debate in Ghana and urging the Ghana CID to send the girls to their families, the CID came out again with a report that she was just giving encouragement to the victims’ families. The security in Ghana now is not a thing to carry on.

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His Excellency, Her Excellency, Ghanaian politicians including the higher sitting authorities are joking and selling the country’s security on plates, leaving the citizens and the foreigners in a mess.

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The Ghanaian children are crying for security in their educational activities. Farmers are dying anyhow, workers find it difficult to hire a taxi to go to work.

His Excellency, Her Excellency, please Ghanaians believe that your participation in the recent kidnapped of the two Canadians females led to their rescue and the arrest of the kidnappers.

I therefore invite you to assist Ghanaians to find these three Takoradi kidnapped girls in Ghana. Though we may not be able to afford the cost of your services, but we believe that God of all creations will value this service and pay you back.

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The three kidnapped Girls from Takoradi, Ghana

Ghanaians would be grateful for your support, thank you.



Justin Trudeau(Canada’s Prime Minister),


Jamaican Government

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