Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019


The much awaited Masters of Varsity is set to return but this time round with a bang.

Nash Media Productions came your way with a mastery display of talent and arts in the first phase of the most educative and innovative series dubbed Masters of Varsity.

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Expect more fireworks from the production this time. Nash Media Productions never disappoints.

Come watch the gangsters, the players, the slayqueens, the occults and the fortune-teller in the return of your most loved series Masters of Varsity.

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Magabush will be there, so will Randy, Emerald and Joshua. This something you surely don’t want to miss.

Want to be part of the team. Out hands are widely opened. We say Akwaaba. Pick up an audition form for GHC 100 and come join the club.

For more information call +233 24 997 6512 or +233 54 939 1691 and you will be warmly attended to.

Masters of Varsity…..The Battle Continues……

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