Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

“People who jump red lights are either mad or either sick or either criminal”: COP Kofi Boakye Reveals

The Director-General of Police in charge of Research and Planning, COP Nathan Kofi Boakye, has called for strict enforcement of road traffic regulations in the country to reduce the high level of indiscipline on roads.

He said such petty crimes pose a long-term threat to national security and must be curbed.

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COP Boakye who was speaking on “security threats and challenges, mitigating measures” at a meeting of the Association of Women Accountants of Ghana in Tamale described those who violate the road traffic regulations as ‘mad, sick or criminals’.
“We have to start enforcing all laws. How come people jump red lights and just pass through. People who jump red lights are either mad or either sick or either criminal who is running away crime. We must find a way of dealing with such people. If we cannot fight the small crimes, then we cannot fight the big crimes. That’s the policy”, he said.
In recent times, the indiscipline and impunity on our roads have been topical, stirring national conversations ways to deal with this worrying situation.

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