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Ghanaian movies have helped in the contribution to the Ghana’s economic development.Movies produced in Ghana,acted by Ghanaian actors and actresses not exempting the Ghanaian cultural heritage, language and or the natives character which has been placed on a portable disc, termed as Ghanaian movie.It is however understand that a lot of people all over the world not only Ghanaians learn different diverse of culture, language and arts in the Ghanaian movies.There is therefore an industry responsible for the movies industry,known to be Ghana Movies Industry and the Ministry of Creative Arts.In content diversity and language,there are Ghallywood Movies believed to be 80% English and Kumawood movies 99% local language , Twi.
Movies locally produced have helped in reducing death rate and hence created a higher professiancy at no cost in Ghana and other part of the world.
Movie producers thereoff with quality content tend to change troubled Ghanaian positively.
Ghanaian movie has had a numerous support from its participant since decade.
It is however noted that today’s Ghanaian society,the locally produced movies are losing its stats, hence collapsing and fading away from the Ghana’s economic development.
There are a lot of several allegations laid by the Movies Men to regain the fame of the local movies but mean undigestive to Ghanaians.
To this effect,Ghanaians have channel to affirm the Telenovelas showing on the various Television channels such as Adom TV, Angel TV,Joy Prime,TV3,GTV and others.
Ghanaians have now regarded the local movies as unsatisfied to their means.Per previous report, 75% Ghanaians have been addicted to Telenovelas.
It has been over the years observed that the movie categories such as Actions, Love and Romance, Comedy, Tragedy, Religion, Education, Historics, Motivational thrills and other sections are not considered to unlike the decade.
Is it because producers and writers do not collaborate? Could it be due to know-how to education to production managerial experience?
Then why?
It is said, many have been transform character-wise and others healed through the knowledgeable movies contents produced.
It has rather become too obvious that the said educational, entertaining and the informative Ghanaian movie industry is fading away recently.
Is it possible to say that producers these days do not consider creative content but rather prefers money?
Can I say that the Ghana Movie Industry has lost selfless to selfish, hence none creative and perhaps no directives?
Is the Ministry of Creative Arts and Culture pushing effort to help maintain the local movie industry?
Who are responsible for the up-front to the local movie industry?
What is the existence of the ministries?

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The Movie Content
The contents are the paper work written by different writers before production work.The contents are of different angles and perhaps categories and it subject to a pattern and a tittle.This means without the content there will be nothing to be acted to.Previous report proves that the contents of the local movies this generation are not encouraging.Many Ghanaians are burdened-to and will want to watch a movie which might have gotten them a excessive response to their burdens.This has be a situation whereby many written contents already acted on do not match with a pattern.Most Ghanaians are loaded with burdens;being the family,school,children,farm,work,church and lifestyle.This is where the consumer make a decision after watching the movie,if the movie bought and watch means meaningless as to contents, angles and pattern.Therefore, Ghanaians are not convinced to patronize in the buying of local movies henceforth.
Ghanaians have rather pay-heed to watch Telenovelas, regarding the local movies industry as not needed again, except otherwise.
The Movie Characters
The characters forms a very important role in the movie production.Characters are the subjects who are assigned to act on a specific and perhaps special role.It has now become too obvious that anybody is entitled to act upon any role despite the character’s ability, potentials,age and sex.
It is assumed that a character of 20years of age is used as old man or woman, acting the role which might have been given to an experience old man or woman.Similary,a role to a man could have been given a woman.The characters are marked as stars, role models to the consumers.It becomes appalling to assign characters to roles of which it is not admired to him or her, due to the fact that nobody is there to act that role.Since a child acting a role to the aged and or sex, the child may not have the requisite skills partaining to roles,facial expressions on camera,tone of speaking and perhaps the physical language.
Venue and Tittle
This is also a good factor to consider as far as movie is concern.It has been recorded earlier that most Ghanaian movies produced differ from theme and setting.For instance,a movie tittled,”The Village King”.Here it is assumed that the viewer might have been pre-ocupied that he or she is about to learn more about someone’s culture and tradition.The producers and directors acting the movie in the city instead of seeking to do it at a village.In this note there will be a nice costume, building and background and language, shifted the consumer’s attention to a different perspective.
This has caused and deters Ghanaian attention to telenovelas.
The Main Tittle/Theme
Previous records shows that many local movie produced loss it expected tittle and rather create a new tittle to the viewers.
The main tittle is very important to the consumer since it direct him or her what to buy from the market regarding to his or her preffrence.
Considering a previous movie for instance,”Kyiewaa”,bieng a tittle to a local movie and a local Ghanaian name.In this instance,the viewers expectations may be to know who the “Kyiewaa” is and her role in the movie.Should the producers have failed,educating the viewers who was she and her role to the movie tittle.The viewers wouldn’t have wasted their time and money demanding anxiously for the further seasons.
In a situation by which each scene may not matches to original tittle,guess what the consumer would have tell you the producer or the writer.
The Telenovelas
Most Ghanaians assumed that the local movies produced are nothing to benefit from and however do not meet their requirements and assumptions.This has shifted the consumers attention to watch Telenovelas.It is presumed that,these Telenovelas are filling the holes in the local movies industry over the years.A lot of Ghanaians have had positive impact through the Telenovelas and Ghanaians are now willing to increase their demand and time only Telenovelas, since most of them are made of the local language which is easy to understand.
The most general challenge now is that, almost 80% Ghanaians are willing and earger to afford digital decoders and television set.
This has extremely lead to the collapsing of local movies.Ghanaians are buying DSTV,MultiTV and other digital decoders, making it easy to watch the Telenovelas.Likewise the decade ago where Ghanaians have not heard those digital set and rather purchasing multi-deck player to watch movies bought with family and friends.
Today, since everyone is purchasing digital decoders and TV set,it is impossible to buy the disck with no means to insert to.
I therefore suggest these possible measures should be laid down to change the face of the Ghanaian movies and the Industry.
The contents and pattern.The writers, directors and the producers should do their possible best to create a complete pattern with the contents they produced.When the contents is able to create a pattern,it will win the viewers attention to increase the demand for the next album.
Also,the characters should be assigned to the competent and a deserving roles.More of the pensioners and or the aged should be encouraged to join the movie industry to act on scenes and roles which might have been assigned to the youth.The sex should be considered.Producers are encouraged to assign roles to characters who deserve to but not because there’s nobody experience to have acted those roles,then the decision to assign any special role anyhow.
Moreover,the theme and setting of the movie produced should match to scenes.The viewers understanding of what producers and writers produced.It is ideal to use a village and its culture for only a village movies and city for city movies,desmonstrating,language,norms and values and exemptions categorically.
The time slot and the length movies produced today should be regarded.Directors and writers should make any effort to reduce the time and length of the movie production.I encouraged all the producers to produce only 1,2 and probably part 3 movies.
Furthermore, the main tittled of the movies should definitely be on a pattern, helping the consumers to understand the movie content and how and the need to apply to their daily living.Everybody will want to have a positive change in his or her life and if the viewers find what can leads to the positive change through the movie content,it is likely to be an increase in the demand for another album, hence increase in the productivity, since consumers are paying for.
I therefore urged the government of Ghana to widen up the Ministry of Creative Arts and Industry in its activity to the local movies synopsis and contents.The government and various stakeholders should help the local movie industry to create a portable device which can be used for all digital decoders.
The government should also helpto establish rules and regulations that will serve as a copy-right law to protect the movie industry from road-siders who claims to be beneficial producers.
By these means, Ghana Movie Industry will work again as in the days of Santo and Judas.I am urging each and every right-thinking Ghanaian to support and lift the movie industry which forms part of the Ghana’s economic growth.

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