Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Senior High Schools, Junior High Schools Graduates To Be Awarded With National Diploma, Higher Natioal Diploma: Education Minister

The Minister of Education, Mathew Opoku Prempeh has voiced the administrative set ups to upgrade the Junior and Senior High schools certificate to National Diploma Certificates,serving and allowing the graduates for immediate accessible to employment.

Dr. Mathew Opoku disregard the old age trends at which one must complete tertiary education before he or she can be eligible for employment.

In his speech at the Danquah Institute Leadership Lecture,2019,themed: ”World Class Education and Imperative for the Next Generation of Leaders”,Mathew Opoku discussed the new academic qualification proximity as being yet to be upgraded that the new certificate curriculum for the Junior High will give the graduates ”National High Diplomas” where as the Senior High Schools graduates will be awarded with ”National Diplomas”.

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He emphasized that the pending Junior and Senior high schools certificates upgrading will improve and serve the graduates to be relevant enough,since one may not be required to gain Tertiary qualification for employment.

He,adding to that said, ”It is not everybody who must go to the University straight, but we must prepare our kids for the world of work”.

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Dr.Mathew also cited on how the new curriculum will help furnish the graduates. ”The curriculum that will appear for the Junior High Schools will lead to a National Higher Diploma,(also) when you finish Senior High School,you get a National Diploma,he added.

Dr.Mathew Opoku believes that Ghanaian graduates will be able to compete with the other part of the world when they are equipped with technical education.

He explained how the new curriculum qualification will earn the graduates. ”National Diplomas will ensure that our kids can go straight to work.If someone can go with the Middle school, leaving certificate into the army, why can’t someone go with Senior High school Diploma into work? That should be good enough that anybody who has passed and have a certificate should be able to employed,provided,we have prepared that person, he urged.

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He concluded with the government measures, efforts and intentions to deduce the educational limit from four years to three years,as one is intended to pursue undergraduate degree in education.

By: Asare Kingsley



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