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The Challenges Of Insecurity In Ghana


The challenges in Ghana seems to have taken a worse turn. Political vigilantes wreaked havoc, thereoff continuing to wreak havoc on lives and properties of Ghanaians.
Insecurity and corruption have been a major challenges to the Ghanaian government and the citizenry in the recent times. The activities of political crises, corruption, chieftaincy dispute and armed robbery units have over the years led to loss of lives and properties in the country.
Some of these activities include shooting of unarmed and innocent citizens, kidnapping, rape, armed robbery, political crises, murder and other major challenges happening in the country. However, sometimes good and bad things do not go together, thus, correlation between insecurity and underdevelopment are much healthier than correlation between peace and development.
In a certain term, where there is conflict, there is often underdevelopment.
Ghana today, has established top ministerial security organs by the government to curtail the activities of the country’s witch-hunters, but they seems to be making no progress.
As Ghanaians we feel insecure in our own country. Inflation, corruption,injustice, kidnapping,political crises are being established,recession have become the words of today;where did we go wrong?How did it happen? The fear and panic in the hearts of innocent Ghanaians keep deepening day by day, yet the choosen and voted leaders have become political power drunkers without finding key solutions to the country’s problems.What can be done to fight against these predicaments?Is there even answers to these problems affecting the country’s devlopment?
What then is insecurity? Insecurity is the state by which a country is not safe;hence faces all social vices being external and internal crisis. In a country where by the citizenry are not safe from social vices, their health and constitutional rights are being abused. Security may refer to a state whereby a country is safe from all social vices, being internal or external crises.
There are alot of factors triggering these crises of insecurity in Ghana. In enumerating and how to deal with these crises , these factors must be considered:Unemployment, Corruption,Imbalance, Weak judicial service to the country,’Widely opened’ Ghanaian borders,The daily criminal in Ghana,criminal political millitary groups and chieftaincy disputes.

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The overwhelming UNEMPLOYMENT rate in Ghana is capable of causing unimaginable panic!! This is especially obvious regarding to Ghanaian youths. In the acts where young and able bodies who are willing and ready to work roam the Ghanaian streets endlessly without anything good to engage them. Many of these youths end up as mercenaries for politicains,as a results recruited into the national security agencies such as the Ghana Police Service, The Millitary Service and The National Security Service [the SWAT team] without the neccesary process. Some of these other young men and women errol in robbery to make earns meet.Suprisingly, tweenty years boys are buying big and laxury cars without being questioning and investigated the source of their incomes. On yearly basis government when being voted for, announces new reforms which should help with employment task,still there are no results yet.
Though,it is a major responsibility of the government to create new jobs for it citizenries but Ghana today is lacking such presidential leadership after Dr.Kwame Nkrumah and John Jerry Rawlings’s government.The best political system of government in Ghana today is to create loot and share thereoff neglecting the people who voted them in government.

CORRUPTION has already become a part of life in Ghana. The Transparency International places Ghana on the top list as one of the most corrupt country in the world in fourty second corrupt country in Africa. The corruped Ghanaian football officails and politicians have become a turn off for international investors.
There are series of reported corrupt officials by the Tiger Eye PI and IMANI Ghana ,though some caught officials get prosected but the government actions is not the best to the fight against of corruption in Ghana. There is no real politician who is willing to kill corruption in Ghana. Because politicians in Ghana enjoy and benefit from corruption , the RIGHTS TO INFORMATION BILL has become a continue debated book in the Ghanaian parliament for over decades. The government of Ghana can not show its populace one real politician who is interested in battling corruption in the state including himself.

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WEAK JUDICIAL SERVICE IN GHANA of course,causes insecurity in Ghana. Ghanaians are feeling insecure because criminals and terrorists are can go free without being dealt with. Recently ,the Chinese galamsey operator ASHA HUAN has been freed without being charged. A lot of evil-minded people believe that money can be use to buy freedom in Ghana and this also proves a line of thought of corrupt system in Ghana. According to an investigation conducted Tiger Eye PI in Ghana Judicial Service,almost 78% judges were found corrupt. The question is ,When will Ghanaian Judicial system be clean from corruption, taking bribes and killing a case and encouraging more crimes? Rich people are able buy to freedom in the Ghanaian Judicial system, making innocent souls suffer their punishement.

The CRIMINAL SITUATION IN GHANA recently has become vast beyond measures. Ghanaians have been victims of robberies which sometimes happens in a daylight.Mobile Money vendors are dying just like that.Today, females and males student are being kidnapping in exchange for money.There are instituted criminal gangs over the country, Kumasi, Takoradi, Accra,Cape Coast and other Ghanaian provinces. People do not feel safe when walking in the streets. This unique situations in Ghana has not been attend to.

IMBALANCE is one of the major causes of insecurity in Ghana. This is of course true in the sense that each community want development at a faster rate. Imbalance takes the ground when the government and other responsible leaders fails to use the resource fetch from one’s region or community to develop that region or the community but rather use these resources to develop other regions and community,yet neglecting the productive regions or the community of being developed. Obuase and Western region are not developed but they produces gold,oil, minerals, cocoa, timber and contribute mainly to the country’s development with their rich resources but they have the poorest road and educational network in Ghana. People of these regions feel cheated,hence they may want to take justice into their hands.
It is obvious that Ghana is facing Terrorism over the years due to political positions. The New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress being the two main political parties in Ghana have instituted party militias to win political positions. It’s very appalling that these parties have causing fear and panic in Ghana’s elections and undermining the power of the democracy. These “killer” groups that have been instituted are now the main terrorist organisations causing damages to Ghana and it democracy. They do not wish to surrender to the state, they rather causing terror here and there.
All these sections of thought were not part of Ghana’s progress and it’s rather unfortunate that Ghana is experiencing such iresponsible behaviourial act. The national security agencies though are doing good but the political interferrance is high above it head and should be address to.The responsible authorities in Ghana must call the end to all the thrilling dangers in the country. Ghana can rise again if the leaders start leading responsibly. If we do not start approaching the problems in our own country with a common front and a common purpose,we shall be haggling and wrangling among ourselves until we are colonized again and become the tolls of a far greater colonialism than we are suffered hitherto. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said and it is happening.
“We are watching as it unfolds before our eyes” but Ghana must change from watching things to unfold negatively!!!!!

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To be continue….

By: Asare Kingsley


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