Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

The Emirates FA Cup: Live Commmentary,Full Time,Manchester United wins Over Chelsea


Manchester United 2 : 0 Chelsea

21:20pm 90+5min Rashford to Pogba,the ball is snatched…that’s a foul….A few seconds to go…..United done another Substitution….Hazard kicks the ball and he gives it free to United.

Hazard….a chance…..Young kicks the ball to conner kick.The ball is played and here the game ends.

21:15pm 87min Pogba controls the ball,it runs down to Chelsea, Hazard. …….running with the ball…Is a goal kick for United

Is a throw against Chelsea. Louis to Alonso to Kante…..and that is Rudiger going. … Kanteeeeee but he missed to score.

21:11pm 82min Manchester United has really show the unpredictable performance tonight,hardly for Chelsea to score as down by two goals to null.Pogba is on the ball and that’s a counter for United,Sanchez on the ball back to Pogba ooooh,he is down.Referee says play continue…..

21:09pm 80min Is a foul against Alonso for a poor attacking…

Matic holds the ball for Sanchez, he is down.Referee whistle foul,Shaw had the ball leaving to …..Hazar takes over but is foul against Chelsea.

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21:02pm 74min United had a chance but Alonso cleared a nice kick away…..United made a substitute,Lukaku goes out for Sanchez in.

20:58pm 68min Herrera made a foul and Chelsea is with a great chance to score…….Willian kick the ball over the goal poll.

Chelsea made another substitution here in Stamford Bridge……..

20:50pm 60min Chelsea increases performance after the first half.Hazard tags but blocked by United to score….

Matic,back to Shaw and is a throw for Chelsea.The ball goes again for United….Louis kicks the ball again to throw and is still United pushing for a third goal.

20:46pm 56min Chelsea made another substitution after they had a conner kick.

A yellow card for Rudiger for his nasty tackle…..

20:43pm 54min Chelsea kicks the ball.A very good intersection from Pedro.

End of Second Half-

20:47pm 45+2mins Here the match drawn down and Manchester United 2:0 Chelsea

20:40pm 40min Is a chance for Chelsea ooooh,noooo.

Smalling kicked the ball over.Hazard steps the ball and hoping for foul.A chance for Unitedddddddddddd Is a goaalllllllllllll and Pogba Scored a second goal for United.

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20:08pm 38min Is a counter for Chelsea and it’s Higuain on the balllllllllllll oooooooooh,he miss the ball,the referee opted the whistle and is offside.Is an attacking throw for Chelsea,Rashford down with ball and steps Hazard. ….

20:05pm 35min Pedro seeks for a conner kick and the referee says is a goal kick for United.

United kick the ball and here it go……

20:00pm 30mins Is a Goallllllllllllllllllll ,Manchester United 1 : 0 Chelsea .Herrera breaks the Virginity of the game tonight…..hahahhahha….Pogba made a perfect assist and Herrera completed the job…

7:56 26mins Chelsea performance here in Stamford Bridge is impressive.

Herrera to Young,Lukaku. …….but he missed the ball close to the penalty box.

Is a conner kick against Man Utd,and Hazard kicks the ball possess by ………Jorginho…perfect play.

7:53 23mins Victor is on the ball and the spirit is highly impressed ….Eden Hazard strips up and that is a low Pegging

7:50pm 20min : A very strong tackle from Young-getting the second yellow card for United tonight

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7:36pm Chelsea is speedly here on the game and Manchester united is groping for goals

7:30pm Kick Off Start here and Man United plays from left to right

Keeping you updated


6:40pm: Chelsea XI

Kepa, Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Luiz, Alonso, Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic, Pedro, Hazard, Higuain.

6:40pm: Manchester United XI

Romero, Young, Smalling, Lindelof, Shaw, Matic, Herrera, Pogba, Mata, Rashford, Lukaku. No Lingard or Martial means a start for Lukaku!

*The two teams have met Fourteen times in the Emirates FA Cup*

*Manchester United have lost 3 of their 5 FA matches to Chelsea.At Stamford Brigde wining 5-3 1997-1998 and in 1998-1999 was 2-0*

*Manchester United have won only 2 of their last away matches with Chelsea,Draw 7 and loss 13.*

*Manchester United have eliminated Chelsea being the Champions in the FA Cup holders, 10 times more than any other side in the Emirates FA Cup’s history.###


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