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The 2018/2019 posted National Service Personnel who are to do their biometric registration at Mfantsipim secondary school have expressed great disappointment and unprofessionalism to the National Identification Authority (NIA).

The National Identification Authority in collaboration with the National Service Secretariat have stated in a reports issued on August 1,2018, that from 6th August, all National Service Personnel are to report at their regional zone to be registered for NIA.
Misunderstanding at the hall
As the registration by the NIA ongoing,from Monday, 6 August to Wednesday 8 August, 2018, there have been a huge crowd at the regional zone.
To this effect , the National Service Personnel at the Cape Coast regional zone are said to have disregard the NIA exercise,hence naming it all sort of names.
“We came from Boligatanga to this place and all that they can tell us is to wait for the next day because their machine has got damage,but we don’t understand why they are using only one machine to register a large number like this in the whole Central region,causing us to pay unnecessary transportation.”Nss personnel disclosed.

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NSPs waiting to be registered by the NIA

A team of NSS personnel in a discussion noted that, the NIA has really caused them much payment as to transportation and lack of communication.”We came here 10am and as at now 3pm we have been standing here ideal, following queues without any good impact. The NIA is not ready and serious to carry out this exercise that is why they have decided to waste our precious time here and spending on unnecessary transportation,they must do immediate changes regards to the biometric exercise as they are said to under take.”

NSP On following the crowd numbered,writing their names for Friday registration

A member of the NIA was questioned,”We were only given by the two machines for Central region for the biometric registration but unfortunately,one is at fault so it has been sent to Accra for repair, that is why there has been a delayed in the process.”
He appreciated the fact that people from all over different cities and towns are willing to register but there is not enough mechanism lefNSPs on the way to join the line to write their names for the next dayt to have helped. has learnt that Upper West region is also experiencing similar crowded number of NSPs who are yet for the biometric registration. As a result of one machine which is said to have been used for the registration.
The National Service Personnel is calling on the National Identification Authority to embark on its exercise as to boost the “registration process and stop the lackadaisical attitude towards the registration,likewise the huge crowd at the zone and high cost of transportation”.
They stated that the NIA should help with at least 13 workers and machines to enhance their activity.

NSP on their way to join the queue to be registered

By Kingsley Asare

(published on 8 August,2018)

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