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The Residence of Nwomaso Pleads For Immediate Assistance over The Abandoned Four Units J.H.S block


The Four class rooms including one staff office of the Methodist Junior High school that was engulf by rain on 4th March 2018 is left abandoned in the Nwomaso in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa district,Central region.

The school administration have made all effective effort to get the needed assistance from the Assembly,yet there is no achievement on their pleads.

As part of the responsibility of the media, and Mabesh TV takes the incident on a respective notes after discovering the abandoned school building at Nwomaso.

The assistant headmistress, Madam Wilfred Esi Baiden discloses the several attempt to help provide solutions to the school.

“Since the school was storm by the rain on 4th March,2018.We have made the report to the DCE,the MP,and the Assembly but up to now [February ] we have not heard anything from them,we have written letters yo the district assembly through the education office but we do not know when they are going to do the building,”she said.

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She recounts the challenges they have been going through since the school dies down.

She noted that the community should have built the school when the authorities warn them not to tough it since it’s a government project.

Though they have been moved to a new building but the worst they are experiencing today.

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The Assembly man in the community ,Mr. Andoh emphasized that he has been speaking to the DCE’s and the MP on ”personal lines” and they only keep promising to rebuild the school for them but yet ”not done”.

”The education in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District is under a serious threat,since the leaders seated not to care for proper education in the communities.” The Unit committee,Mr. Albert Effa revealed.

Mabesh TV and have learnt that very soon, the old building the school have been relocated to study in will go down ,should a heavy wind with a rainfalls takes effect.

The quality and betterment of education for the children is alleged not the priority of the leaders in the district,when the school is left over,abandoned after one year.

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The lives are at risk,the children are troubling of the potentials to quality education,teaching and learning is affected.

The school is pleading for immediate respons from the general public,the government and the individuals to help them rebuil the school.

Earlier last year on 31 January, 2018,a heartily sad incident happened at a town call Jamra,in the same district of Asikuma Odoben Brakwa.Six lives were lost.

Asare Kingsley (Mabesh TV)

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