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9:57pm: 90+4mins The game ends here in Old Trafford and Manchester United lost the first game After Mourihno’s exist.

9:54pm: 90+4 Manchester united is gracing the game but no goal.United receives a Red Card and Pogba takes it.

Sanchez score ,it’s offside from the referee.Now PSG,Mbappe takes the ball to Alvis.Is a foul for PSG…….3 more minutes to go.

9:44pm: 80mins: Lukaku set to be in the game to see how United can make tonight.Is Matic on the ballllllllllllll and he spoiled the ballllllll.Lukaku replaces Rashford…

9:41pm – 78mins: Young with the ball,to Herrera, now Matic poses the ball and he is down.

9:39pm: 75mins: Is Herrera longin to Shaw,danger over……Lukaku is yet to be in the game.

9:35pm: 72mins: Herrera ,long for Shaw but bound not to reached,out off the shot.

(Ole Gunner is yet to loss his first game tonight?)

9:24pm: 63mins: Is another goalllllllllllllll De Maria. ..to Mbappe scored the second goal…..PSG takes control for the game tonight.

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9:18pm: 62mins: The virginity of the game has been taken off by Mbappe.

9:16pm:56mins Is a goallllllllllllllllllll, Mbeppe……………….PSG change the game tonight.

9:10pm: Back in the Old Trafford Stadiu….

FIRST HALF-(45+2*2)

8:45+2+(2) Expectations drawn to end the first side of the game tonight in the Old Trafford.And here the game stops for the first half. Manchester United 0 : 0 Paris Saint-Germain.

8:45+2: The two teams performance spikes the game tonight,PSG hold a free kick but is a goal kick.

8:44pm: It’s a conner kick for United,the ball is kicked and is a throw….

8:44pm: Pogba holds the ball,PSG steps to control the ball……..and is a conner kick against United.The ball is kicked and Martial but Verratti takes the ball….and that is a foul for PSG…..the ball is just a step to goal poll.

8:41pm: Is a chance for PSG gggggggg,is unfortunate as De Maria miss the ball when he snubbed De Gea.

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8:37pm: The two teams are really making it tonight and nobody score,getting to end the first half.

8:35pm: Verratti takes the ball,heading forward but Shaw head the ball to Matic ,looking up to pass the ball and is a foul.

8:30pm: Mbappe…’……………….is a goalllllllllllllll for PSG…..Ohhhhhh the referee says that is a kick.

8:29pm: Mbappe with the ball,can he make it a goallllllllllll,noooooo.He failed to score…

8:27pm: United wins counter, and is Martial aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,hooooooovvvvv!!! He miss the ball.

8:27pm: Pogba takes a third yellow card on tonight game.

8:24pm: Now United on the ball,but it did not go through……..PSG possessing the ball…..

8:22pm: 2 Yellow Cards awarded to PSG.

8:20pm: PSG is hurting United all means,and that’s a pass from Shaw to Pogba,that’s is misssed.

8:18pm: Paul Pogbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hooooooo,a nice save by Buffon and fantastic shot by Pogba.

8:18pm: Verratti back De Maria,a chance for PSG gggggg yea,they are still controlling the ball for PSG.

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8:10pm: Di Maria is playing a nice game tonight hopping to match the game tonight.

8:07pm: It’s a chance for PSG gggggggggggg oooooh,that is a nice play from PSG.

8:05pm: Opportunities have been missing here in Old Trafford.Lingard,Rashford and that is a conner kick for United.

Shaw kicks the ball and it’s a foul against United.

It’s attacking throw against PSG.

8:00pm: doted and here we go,as united play the ball with quick start.

The line-ups have been announced and the players are on warm up….

Manchester United meets PSG on the first league of the round of 16 on the UEFA champions league,Tuesday, 8:00 GMT.


Man Utd XI: De Gea, Young, Lindelof, Bailly, Shaw, Matic, Herrera, Pogba, Lingard, Martial, Rashford

PSG XI: Buffon, Kehrer, Kimpembe, Thiago Silva, Bernat, Dani Alves, Marquinhos, Verratti, Di Maria, Draxler, Mbappe.

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