Tue. Sep 17th, 2019

Youth Against Political Violence Ghana( YAPVI GHANA)Officially Lunched

Youth Against Political Violence Ghana( YAPVI GHANA) is a concern social empowered group aim to promote and establish peace and sanity in Ghana.

This social advocacy group is established as an independent responsible group to monitor the ongoing unconstitutional established political parties hooligans and monsters who undermine the sovereignty of the 1992 constitution.

As far as the 1992 Constitution of Ghana is Supreme than any political party in Ghana, YAPVI GHANA seeks to render its service to the state in the following measures:

  • Educating and urging the youth the need to desist themselves from vigilante and unprofessional groups which might root out violence in any ways
  • Why political violence can cause disaster in the country
  • The group will monitor every political program in Ghana monitor communicators who Say’s dirty words on air
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Ghana is and has however witness several incidents caused by political hooligans and monster mostly lead by NPP and NDC being the two popular in the Ghanaian politics.

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It’s quiet obvious that in today Ghana’s electoral process,the two political parties,NDC and NPP use party hooligans to entrust the electoral procedures, hereafter distant themselves from the legal constitutional security body,the Ghana Police Service.

“Experience has shown that when change is denied or too long delayed, violence will break out here and there, not that men planned or willed it, but that the accumulated grievances of the past erupt with volcanic fury.” –Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

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The group urges the public for the needed attentions.

The group is chaired by Onipaba Ezekiel,a well known media practitioner in Kumasi works under Class Media Group Limited-Kumasi FM and Adehye FM in Kumasi.

”The politics in Ghana must change its root”.

For info-0546096150

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